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DETSON SECURITY is a Canadian owned company, incorporated in 1975.
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It doesn't matter if you are a small firm, or a large organization, when it comes to your security, you do not want to comprimise.

Detson Security Company offers a large array of traditional analog and network solutions to protect the operations, business, and people that you rely on every day.

With over 36 years in business protecting your valuables, Detson Security Company is the right choice for your operation. From school campuses, maritime ports, government buildings, retail spaces, and more, Detson Security Company has you protected.
mimiflag Soultions for your exact security needs. Your industry requires the correct approach to handle its specific security demands. Take a look at the Industry Solutions we can provide for you.


Aviation Security

Detson Security helps you control who comes in and who goes out. You monitor and decide who and what access you would like to grant.
mimiflag Permiter control systems
mimiflag Protect resources
mimiflag Restrict or deny access
mimiflag Eliminate costly expenses

Complete Protection for your Aviation Business.

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Commercial Building
Detson Security helps you identify your staff and vistors before your grant entry. Complete Perimeter and internal security.
mimiflag Increase your employees safety
mimiflag Restrict access to unauthorized personell
mimiflag Increase the safety for your employees
mimiflag Audibly & Visually identify guests

Complete Protection for your Commercial Business.

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Alarm Systems

Video Surveillance


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